In a nutshell we are Creative Cardboard Engineers. With over 30 years experience to call on, we have created simple boxes to hold brochures, to giant displays to go in Cinema Foyers.

We are a complete service business, your job will be designed, printed, cut out and assembled with the same amount of care. Our quality policy will be applied to all processes and will be monitored closely all the way through production until delivery.

We have a vast reference library of computerised designs available going back over 20 years on which to call on and our CAD system has hundreds of parametric designs based on industry standards.

We also have many standard designs which we hold the cutting formes for that can be used if your job is price sensitive. These include Twist Lock Dispensers, Pop-up Cubes, Slatted Mailers, Slide or Disc Calculators and Pen Tidies, which you can use especially if the quantity is low or needed quickly, but we excel in providing a creative bespoke design service. All our cutting formes (which we use for punching the shapes out) are manufactured using either a Laser or CNC Router, to ensure accuracy for even the most complicated shapes.

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